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        SHANTOU YIMING HOLOTECH MACHINE CO.,LTD Founded on 2006, is one of the world’s leading companies in the production of holographic equipments for flexible packaging, security printing, brand protection, transfer printing, decorative printing, label and labeling.  
        Our Honor: 
                First seamless embosser for Pre-coated PET film in the world in 2007
                First seamless embosser for BOPP film in the world in 2009
                Memeber of IHMA 
                CE certificate 
                Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2009 PACKAGING
                Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2011 PACKAGING
        Main products:
        UV recombination machine 
        UV printing machine 
        Seamless holographic embosser for PET 
        Seamless holographic embosser for OPP
        Registered embosser for PET
        Coating machine ( common film ;photo paper)
        Multi-function registered lamination machine 
        Multi-function lamination machine
         UV cast and curing machine 
        2nd registered printing machine 
        Energy saving drying system
        Industry waste gas  solution 


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