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        • Name: UV printing machine
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        • Added time: 2014-03-27
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         More flexible YM-ZY is suitable for variety substrates, from aluminum foil to printed paper.

         Low production cost, low waster. No tolling or die costs!! Just single pass processing.

         More effective, YM-ZY runs at press speed, with prefect press registration on printed substract.YM-ZY provide the possibility to short delivery for customer urgent job.

         More friendly , YM-ZY is green printing without harmful VOCS.

         More safe, YM-ZY add your own logo and security feature on your products.

        The technology makes use of a holographic film, which, combined with UV varnish, "casts" a holographic effect into the UV varnish on the printed Substrates. Through impression cylinder and dry by UV light. Finally, the film is removed leaving a pure, crisp holographic image on the substrates.UV Casting films are available in a variety of diffraction patterns, similar to hot foils, but can be reused for many time under skilled operation. Holographic feature can be done as spot or overall. They can also be customized with a proprietary design for brand identity and security.

        Machine width: 800mm~1300mm, machine speed: 150m/min

        Max. printing width

        500 -1650mm

        Max. machine working speed

        150 m/min

        Max. printing speed

        100 m/min

        Total power

        About 70kw 

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